George Court Apartments

Completed in 1926, the former department store is one of Auckland's landmark buildings.


Important Information Resources

Body Corporate Committee

The Body Corporate Committee is the ultimate decision maker of Body Corporate matters, reporting to the owners via general meetings and regular correspondence. You can reach the Body Corporate Committee through the Contact section of this website.

Building Manager

Michael Bennett is the building manager for George Court. He is available at 027-506-5448.


Mail is delivered into individual post boxes in the lobby on Level L. 
As a courtesy to Residents and couriers, Graham Shirley Jewellers is accepting parcels on request on the following basis:

  • As there is limited space available, please try to pick up your parcels on the same day.
  • All courier packages, including any signed for, will be left in the Goldsmith store entirely at the risk to the addressee.
  • No liability will be accepted by Graham Shirley Jewellers, the Body Corporate or the Committee for any loss howsoever arising under any circumstances.

If you are expecting delivery of a courier package with important or valuable contents you must either:

  • Be available to receive the delivery personally, or
  • Instruct the person consigning the item to deliver it to another address where a trusted person can sign (including a friend within the building or a service centre), or
  • Accept full liability for goods signed for and left for collection in the foyer.

Rubbish and recyclable items

Place all rubbish in the green rubbish bins in the carpark on Level L. Collapse all cardboard cartons and place in the two sacks located adjacent to the rubbish bins in the carpark on Level L. Anything too large to fit into these bins must be disposed of by the owner/s. The carpark is not covered by the weekly cleaning schedule so please try to keep the area tidy as you dispose of your garbage.

Do not place any general household garbage in any of the recyclable bins or bags and place all bottles in the recycle bins only. 

Do not place any items, especially large items, beside the bins. The carpark is under video surveillance and you will be approached and if necessary charged for the disposal of large items placed beside the bins.


The common areas such as building entrances, stairs, lifts, hallways, and the common area toilets are being cleaned by contractors. Due to the large size of the common floor area these are only cleaned once a week per floor. 

Please note that if you are moving in or out, undertaking renovations or have tradespeople completing works in your apartment, you (or your tradespople) are responsible for cleaning any mess or debris created by such activities.  The Body Corporate has the right to charge unit owners for additional cleaning fees required to maintain the cleanliness of the public spaces of the building. 

The Body Corporate does not take responsibility for cleaning individual carpark areas. Residents are asked to sweep their allocated spaces and clean up any spills. 

Shifting (moving in or out)

  • Please advise the Buidling Manager of date and time (24 hours notice please).
  • Use the lift covers if required (these are available from the Building Manager) and must be re-turned after use.
  • All soiling of the foyer, passages, etc must be cleaned up by the Residents who are shifting.
  • Do not prop the lift doors open, a service key will be provided by (and must be returned to) the Building Manager.
  • Any damage caused must be made good by those concerned.

Please ensure that all tradesmen are aware of the above. 

Please read the “Cleaning” section above in relation to your responsibilities to keep public spaces clean during your move.

Keys, Access Tags, and Garage remotes

Apartment keys are available subject to approval from the apartment owner. The entrance on Mercury Lane as well as the lifts require Access Tags for operation. Access Tags have been issued to apartment owners, extras are available through the Building Manager at a cost of NZ$15. Garage remotes are available and have been issued to apartment owners, extras are available through the Building Manager at a cost of NZ$80.

If you give a tag or remote to any person who is not a resident, you are personally responsible for their adherence to the rules in this package.

At the end of a tenancy all keys, tags and garage remotes must be surrendered to the owner. For an owner selling, all keys, tags and remotes must be surrendered to the new owner.


Both lifts are available for pedestrian traffic, but only one lift (designated by the Building Manager) may be used for goods or shifting. Report any faults to the Building Manager. If trapped follow instructions in the lift.

Use of carparks

Please use only the spaces allocated to your unit. Using other spaces, or parking in access ways may result in your vehicle being towed away without notice. There is no provision for visitor parking inside the building.

The car parks are only for vehicles of any type (e.g. cars, bikes, motorbikes) & trolleys for convenient transport of shopping, not for storing belongings of any kind. It is recognised that Residents need to be able to load and unload items on a temporary basis which shall be no greater than 24 hours. It is also recognised that, for example during apartment renovation, goods may need to be stored for short periods. Permission for that must be sought in advance and will be granted by the Building Managers who will monitor the situation. Retrospective permission will not be granted.

Carparks cannot be used for storage and Health & Safety (H&S) regulations make enforcement mandatory. Offending items will have a notice placed on them giving 5 working days to comply, after which they will be regarded as abandoned and will be removed at the owners cost. Costs will be recoverable from unit owners who may then seek re-payment from tenants.

Internal maintenance and renovation

Residents are responsible for any maintenance inside their unit. H&S regulations require that tradespeople entering George Court Apartments must sign into the building and be given a copy of our H&S policy (see download links at beginning of page).

For that reason, and for security, you must inform the Building Manager or, if contact cannot be made, ensure that the tradesperson or contractor has a copy of the H&S policy and have them sign to say they have received it. Please note that no additions or structural alterations to the unit may be made without prior written consent of the Body Corporate.

Maintenance issues

All maintenance issues in relation to the building or public spaces must be brought to attention of the Building Manager who will take the necessary action.  Please also inform the Building Manager if you require any tradespeople to undertake any works on your private apartment. See the section “Internal maintenance and renovation” above.

Balconies, decks, and windows

No objects of any kind may be thrown from or disposed of, from a balcony, window, or deck. This includes cigarette butts, ash and trash. Doing so will place surrounding apartments at risk from articles blowing back. A tenant’s failure to observe this rule will put their continued residency at risk.

Children must be supervised on the balconies, windows, and decks at all times for their own safety, furniture and climbable objects must be kept away from the railings, and windows properly secured against accidental opening.

TV, Internet, and Intercom

The building has satellite dish and UHF arials for Sky and freeview on the roof. Signal lines run down the main conduits with repeaters on the lower levels. If you have a problem with Sky reception, please contact Sky first as they are usually able to locate and fix the problem. If that is not successful, or electrical work is required, please contact the Building Managers.

Wireless internet, broadband, and UFB (fibre) connections to individual units is available on all floors of the building.

Please be advised that the intercom to the entrance on 2 Mercury Lane requires a landline telephone to receive door calls and operate the door.


The George Courts Body Corporate Rules read:

2.24 Conduct and Noise
A Proprietor shall not make any objectionable noise in the Building or in the Common Property nor interfere in any way with the peaceful enjoyment of other Proprietors or lessees, or occupiers of other units or those having business with them or any person lawfully using the Common Property.

As a guide to this rule: If an apartment resident can hear noise from another apartment in their apartment then the noise in the other apartment is too loud. A request from an apartment resident to another apartment resident to reduce the noise should be treated with respect and every effort made to come to an agreement. Noise disputes can make living in the building very difficult.

Quiet should be maintained Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am, and Friday to Saturday between the hours of 11:00pm to 7:00am. No noise shall be such that it interferes with the peaceful and reasonable enjoyment of another resident, at any time.

In particular be aware of these sources of noise:

  • Loud music or television 
  • Parties or rowdy behaviour 
  • Motor vehicles
  • Domestic machinery
  • Renovations
  • Moving furniture

Persons leaving or entering the building after during the quiet times above shall take care to do so quietly. In particular, please close hallway doors quietly and not talk loudly in the hallways or lift lobbies. It is the duty of Residents to moderate the behaviour of their guests at all times. 

Smoke Detector and Sprinkler System activation

All residents of George Court Apartments must carry out adequate safety procedures to prevent hazards. Every apartment is equipped with smoke detectors and sprinkler system.

  • while cooking always use the range hood as excess smoke will activate the smoke detectors;
  • do not operate open flame or gas heating;
  • if a food item does burn, open the windows immediately;
  • do not open the front door to help dispel the smoke, as this will only succeed in activating the corridor smoke detectors.

Activating the sprinkler system, including accidentally, raises the fire alarm in the building and with the fire department. The sprinkler system operates under high pressure and can not be stopped except by turning off the water pump through the fire service. Owners/tenants are responsible for any damage caused.

Emergency evacuation

All fire alarm soundings (other than notified system tests) must be regarded as real and you must evacuate the building. Please use the fire escape stairs towards Mercury Lane and Cross Street and assemble in front of Mercury Theatre or at the Mercury Plaza car park in case of heavy flames.


The Body Corporate covers the building with Material Damage Insurance and that is included in the General Levy. Residents are responsible for arranging their own insurance of contents (including drapes and white ware), loss of rents etc. within their apartments.

Permitted activities

The common areas are for accessing the apartments only and must not be used for gatherings unless permitted by the Body Corporate Committee. Apartments and accessory units on Levels G and 1 may be used for retail and commercial purposes. Apartments and accessory units on Levels 1 may be used for residential, home office, and commercial purposes. Apartments and accessory units on Levels 2 to 4 may be used for residential or home office purposes only.


Small domestic animals are allowed with prior written consent of the Owner of the apartment. Please refer any dispute in relation to the suitability of an animal to the Body Corporate Committee for resolution.


Illicit drugs must not be consumed, manufactured or brought into any part of George Court Apartments.


George Court Apartments
238 Karangahape Road
Auckland, 1010
New Zealand